Non Class/Struct Root

Sometimes you just want to deserialize something into an TArray/TMap/TSet. Then you'll realize that you don't have something corresponding to StaticClass()/StaticStruct() as root to pass to DataConfig.

// DataConfigTests/Private/DcTestBlurb2.cpp
FString Fixture = TEXT("[1,2,3,4,5]");
TArray<int> Arr;

Turns out you can create adhoc FProperty without USTRUCT/UCLASS parents and use them just fine. In DataConfig we've provided DcPropertyUtils::FDcPropertyBuilder to ease this use case.

// DataConfigTests/Private/DcTestBlurb2.cpp
//  create int array property
using namespace DcPropertyUtils;
auto ArrProp = FDcPropertyBuilder::Array(

FDcJsonReader Reader{Fixture};
DC_TRY(DcAutomationUtils::DeserializeFrom(&Reader, FDcPropertyDatum(ArrProp.Get(), &Arr)));

//  validate results
check(Arr.Num() == 5);
check(Arr[4] == 5);

Note that FDcPropertyBuilder would create a heap allocated FProperty and LinkOnScope() returns a TUniquePtr. You might want to cache the properties if used repeatedly.