DataConfig Book

Serialization framework for Unreal Engine Property System that just works!

DataConfig is a serialization framework built on top of Unreal Engine's Property System. It aims to be friendly and robust while offering good performance. Notably features:

  • Out of the box JSON/MsgPack read write.
  • Full support for UPROPERTY()/UCLASS()/USTRUCT()/UENUM().
  • Pull/Push style API for verbatim data access and lossless type information.
  • Designed as a collection of tools that can be easily extended to support other formats.

Getting Started

  • Get the code on github.
  • See Examples for code examples.
  • See Integration for quick integration guide.
  • See Design for more context about the project.
  • See Extra for more advanced usages.
  • See Changes for versioning history.

There's also DataConfig JSON Asset on UE Marketplace. It's a premium plugin for importing JSON to UE data assets.


DataConfig is released under a free and permissive license. But we really appreciate you to credit us if you find it useful. See License for details