The plugin also comes with a few supporting tooling and settings.


"DataConfig JsonAsset" settings can be found in "Project Settings" with the same name:

SuffixesThe file suffix that this plugin looks for. If you're already using .json suffix for other purposes you can add or change a new one.

Console Commands

We also provide some handy commands that can be used for batch processing.

Dc.ImportDirectoryDc.ImportDirectory "C:/Src/Dir" "/Game/Target"Recursively import source directory into content
Dc.ReimportDirectoryDc.ReimportDirectory "/Game/Target"Recursively reimport content directory
Dc.SetupAutoReimportDc.SetupAutoReimport "C:/Src/Dir" "/Game/Target"Setup Auto reimport entry in editor settings
Dc.DumpDirectoryDc.DumpDirectory "/Game" "C:/JsonOutput"Recursively dump all DataAssets to JSON files

Context Menu Actions

Right click on any asset and there's DataConfig JSON Asset sub menu:


Dump To LogDump selected assets to Output Log
Dump To JSONDump selected assets to Output Log as JSON
Save to JSONSerialize selected assets as JSON and save to disk

See caveats for dump details.

Tool UI

Finally we wrapped the commands above into a tooling panel, which can be found at "Windows -> JsonAsset Tool" menu: