The plugin also comes with a few supporting tooling and settings.


"DataConfig JsonAsset" settings can be found in "Project Settings" with the same name:

SuffixesThe file suffix that this plugin looks for. If you're already using .json suffix for other purposes you can add or change a new one.

Console Commands

We also provide some handy commands that can be used for batch processing.

Dc.ImportDirectoryDc.ImportDirectory "C:/Src/Dir" "/Game/Target"Recursively import source directory into content.
Dc.ReimportDirectoryDc.ReimportDirectory "/Game/Target"Recursively reimport content directory
Dc.SetupAutoReimportDc.SetupAutoReimport "C:/Src/Dir" "/Game/Target"Setup Auto reimport entry in editor settings

Tool UI

Finally we wrapped the commands above into a tooling panel, which can be found at "Windows -> JsonAsset Tool" menu: